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As a Submissive, Should You Be Collared?

Collaring is a very serious commitment in the Dom and sub relationship. It’s not just something used in play, but often as a sign of commitment between a Dominant Mistress and a submissive man. As a male slave who needs to submit to a Dominant woman, have you thought of being collared? I bet you have, but you’ve also wanted to find out more before taking that step. You have questions. What does it mean to be collared, and why should you consider such an option when showing your loyalty to your Mistress?

Connection or Humiliation

The meaning of wearing a collar in your Dominant and submissive relationship can be a very intense connection. It is used normally to show the seriousness of the connection or the relationship status of you and your Mistress. She will choose the collar, either a collar of protection, to let other Dommes know she is looking out for you, one of training or consideration to show that the two of you are thinking of beginning a relationship and are still in the process of working it out. These collars are when you would come up with rules of when and where the collar is worn as well as what both partners would expect from the relationship. At this stage, either partner can still easily choose to not continue the collaring and move on to another Mistress or submissive. Once the choice is made to stay and all the terms and guidelines of the relationship are decided, the last form of collar is brought in. The final collar is known as a formal collar and if the others indicate dating or an engagement, this one shows that the relationship is a marriage of sorts where you dedicate yourself to your Mistress and wear a collar to prove your loyalty. Once you have gone this far, the relationship is as cemented as any other in the vanilla world. This is a serious commitment that will be honored by you and your Mistress as well as other Doms and subs you may encounter.

A less permanent form of collaring and what many think of first when they hear of collaring is also the more humiliating of the two. In this scenario, wearing a collar can be a humiliating experience, as it normally involves a leash and strict control. In this fantasy scenario the submissive partner in the scene is treated as a “pet”. Often kept naked and an taken for walks or instructed to sit at the feet of your Mistress, this form of collaring is highly sexual and, as I mentioned, humiliating. Often, a lockable collar is used to signify the power the Dominant has over the submissive. Power, control and humiliation are the main aspects of this form of collaring, as opposed to the more emotional ones when the collar is used as a wedding band of sorts.

Types of Collars

Now that you know some of the different reasons a sub might be collared, you probably have a better idea of what category you would fall into. Of course nothing is ever totally black and white. Even a committed relationship can be humiliating. So, think about it, do you see yourself in a collar? If the answer is “Absolutely, yes!” then read on, because there are just a few more things you need to know about the types of collars there are available for your Mistress to choose from for you.

First and foremost, never think this is something you choose on your own. You should go to your Mistress with the idea of collar training, and see if she is open to collaring you. This is a commitment for her too and you will have to hope she agrees. After that the two of you can spend time on which kind of collars would fit both of you and your style. There are many types of collars to show off your Dominant and submissive relationship. Collars with leashes can show that your Mistress is your true master and leads you around like her little puppy dog. These are usually unadorned and look much like animal collars. There are also detailed, mostly leather, collars with words on them such as “slut” or “cocksucker”. The words may be branded into the leather or put on in an array of shiny crystals. These are the more humiliating types of collars that you can wear. There are also soft sided collars with symbols of commitment that can be made to match a ring or necklace your Mistress would wear. It all depends on the relationship.

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