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Why Erotic Story Telling is Hotter than Porn

I know that you are sitting there after reading the title of this and thinking ďWhat?! Nothing is better than porn.Ē Just hear me out. Like most of you, I love porn and Iím always looking for something exciting and different. I want to tell you about erotic storytelling and how it stacks up against porn.

First, what is erotic storytelling? Erotic storytelling is where you make up your own story or you ask you favorite Mistress to tell you her favorite naughty story. This tale can be totally from your imagination or based on a particular scene from a movie or even based on the best book youíve ever read. Or maybe itís something your Mistress thought up. The choice is yours to make!

You are in Control

So how is this type of phone sex session hotter than porn? I think itís hotter than porn because it is a choice. Sure you get to choose the porn you watch, but erotic storytelling lets you be the writer, the director and the starring actor in your very own personalized porn!

Another reason that erotic storytelling is hotter than porn is that itís live action. Itís not like watching a movie, or reading a book, or looking at a picture. When I call my Mistress and she tells me the story that I emailed her, I get to hear her live, sensual voice reading it and I Ďm a part of the action of that story. I can choose to just listen if I want to, but I can also can comment or change the story. I canít do that if Iím watching a movie. I love being able to interact with my Mistress during the story. I love to hear my Mistressís sultry voice as she reads my favorite story about how I take my best friendís fiancťe on a cruise. All sorts of sexy shenanigans occur and it ends with an orgy on the main deck. And I end up doing what I really want to do in the heat of the momentÖ down on my knees on the deck, sucking my best friendís cock! Every couple of months I send her an updated copy with new things happening so that every time she reads it to me there is something new to be enjoyed. And then there are other times when I tell my Mistress to just stay with my original story and so she just goes back to the first tried and true story I sent her.

Change is a Good Thing

I also like that I can do my own visualizing instead of having to accept what someone else sees as erotic. I totally believe that what we can think up in our own mind is much hotter than any canned image we can find. In my cruise fantasy, the boat is always a little different and sometimes the leading lady is blond and other times sheís a red head. I make other changes too. My point here is that your erotic story can literally be the same story every time, word for word, or it can be totally different. So do you understand what I mean by erotic storytelling is hotter than porn? If youíre interesting in having your own ongoing sensual miniseries, here are some tips to make it the best experience available.

Choose your Mistress carefully. If you put a lot of time and energy in writing and editing your perfect erotic story, you owe it to yourself to look around the sites on LDW and take your time finding the right one. Read some bios, listen to the free audios that are available the ladiesí blogs to find the perfect, sexy narrator for your masterpiece. Also, spend some time chatting or emailing the chosen lady---just to ensure you both have the right fit. Speaking of audios, did you know that your Mistress can also record your story for you so you can hear it any time you like? Talk about personalized porn on demand! And any audio done for you is yours to keep! If you think this is something you would like to look into check out the LDW custom audios site at www.eroticaudios.com for specific information and pricing. I have my Mistress record the current incarnation of my story every few months. So I have my own personal sexual fantasy audio library that I have written and directed! How much better than generic porn is that!

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