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How to Have the Most Comfortable Phone Sex Experience Ever

You’re in the mood for a phone sex call, and you have your favorite porn on, you have your favorite bottle of lubrication and you’re ready to make that call to a sexy phone sex girl. Read more about the best way to have comfortable, uninterrupted phone sex with a mind-blowing orgasm?

Sexual Role play on Phone Sex Calls

What is sexual role play and how can use it be used on a phone sex call? When you make a phone sex call, sometimes it is more than just a sexy voice on the other end moaning and using a dildo on herself. Whilst this may be the case, it can get a lot more creative if you wish to use a story line or role play on a phone sex call. Read more about phonesex roleplay.

Myths about Sex: From Phone Sex Ladies Who Know Best!

Before you place your next phone sex call, you might want to consider reading these sex myths because, as you know, our phone sex girls are quite educated in the art of phone sex and sex! There are some common myths that have been floating around for some time, and it’s time us phone sex ladies educated you! Read more about common sexual myths.

Why is Masturbation and Phone Sex Good for You?

Have you heard that phone sex can be healthy for you? How? Keep reading to find out why phone sex can actually help reduce stress, help you sleep better, and even help you in your overall health! Read more about why masturbation phone sex is good for you.

What is the Best Aide for Guided Masturbation Phone Sex?

When you call in for a masturbation guidance phone sex session, you get to hear a very sexy voice guiding you along as she gives you instructions, or you discuss a fantasy together. What are the other guided masturbation aides you can use during your phone sex call?

What is May I Cum, or

You may have have been looking at our sites lately and you want to get to know the style of our Mistresses better, and you love to have your cock controlled. Tease and denial is your fetish, and you are wanting to check out the style of our Mistresses better, well, we have the perfect place for you : Read more about orgasm denial at

How to Travel with Sex Toys, and Have Fantastic Phone Sex

Perhaps you have been looking to get away for awhile and a business trip has opened up, giving you that time to finally have some time by yourself to place a phone sex call from your hotel room. The thing is, you love toys and you love to play with toys when you place a phone sex call. Read more about how to travel with sex toys.

How to Have Amazing Phone Sex in Your Hotel Room

You have travelled for quite long distance, and now you want to relax and hear a sexy voice on the phone to unravel that long day you have had - there is nothing like a phone sex call to do just that! Phone sex can be the ultimate relaxation experience - so here is what you do to make your hotel room phone sex call amazing!

Why Erotic Story Telling is Hotter Than Porn

Ever wish you could customize video porn to tailor your fetish needs? Since our society is not quite up to speed on that technology, we have erotic story telling and phone sex! As most of us know, imagination is best! Read more about how you can have your erotic story told back to you?

Do you have a Wet and Messy Fetish?

Do you have a sploshing fetish? Or a WAM (wet and messy) fetish? Not sure? Never heard of sploshing? Read more about this extremely messy and fun sexual fetish!

Do You Have a Medical Fetish?

What is it to have a medical fetish, and what is a medical fetish anyway? A medical fetish is where one is turned on sexually by medical procedures, nurses uniforms, and the whole medical process. The act of having to go to a doctor or a nurse and go through examinations is an erotic fantasy for some. Read more erotic medical fantasies?

As a Submissive, Should You Be Collared?

As a submissive submitting to a Dominant woman, have you thought of being collared? What does it mean to be collared, and why should you consider such an option when showing your loyalty to your Mistress? Read more about being a collared submissive.

The Balloon Fetish: Are You a Looner?

Imagine this: you are at a party, perhaps a New Year’s Eve party, and it’s an extravagant event with waiters with trays of champagne, and sexy women in gowns, and when the hand strikes midnight, hundreds of balloons and confetti comes raining down and you pick up the balloon - loving the squeaky sound it makes when your hand rubs it, and the feeling you have when feel it’s roundness, the smell - everything about the balloon arouses you. This surprises you. Well, suprise! Read more about the balloon fetish and being a “looner”.

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