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The Balloon Fetish: Are You a Looner?

I know, you saw the title of this and thought, “What are they talking about?” The word “looner” might not be a term you recognize but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to you. In fact there are many more looners in this world than you can even imagine. Maybe you already know that and are just here to see what we have to say. Just in case, we'll assume that, you still want to know, are you one?

Here is a little test to see. Picture this: You are at a party, perhaps a New Year’s Eve party, and it is an extravagant event. A ballroom fill with sexy women in striking metallic gowns, men dressed up in tuxedos, looking dapper and chatting with all the ladies, while drinking flutes of champagne. Waiters weave among the revelers, trays held high, making sure everyone has a drink and then the hand strikes midnight. You feel your heart beat quicken, you know what is about to happen seconds before it does, before hundreds of balloons and confetti come raining down all around you. You get hard when they touch you. You can’t help yourself, you have to pick up one of the balloons. Your fingers reach for it, holding it close to your body, you touch it carefully, loving the squeaky sound it makes when your hand rubs it, and the feeling you have when touch it. Everything about the balloon excites you, the roundness, the smell, the feel of the rubbery plastic arouses you. This surprises you. Well, surprise! You could be a “looner”.

What is a looner?

Now you want to know, just what a looner is! A looner is someone who develops a paraphilia, or fetish, for balloons. Balloons excite you and arouse you in one way or another. According to wikipedia.com, the term looner is a common one used to describe those who have a fetish for balloons. However there is not really one common type of looner, everyone is different, the fetish varies from looner to looner. So, what kind are you?

There are two main types of balloon fetishists, the first are those who love to pop the balloons. They want to touch them and pop them. The release comes as the balloon explodes, causing them to lose control. The looners who get excited by the popping of balloons often find this out while at a party or some sort where there are balloons. They may be admiring them and then suddenly POP! And they are pushed to orgasm, often right in that moment. As there is no way to control where or when a balloon may be popped, those who get off on the popping sensation have to learn a measure of control to keep everyone around them from noticing.

The second type of looner can’t stand to have the balloons pop, sometimes to the point of sobbing uncontrollably. They are aroused by the feel of the balloon, touching, rubbing, licking, smelling. The balloon becomes a substitute some say for a breast or buttocks, the shape and feel bringing on the same kind of arousal. Many want to rub themselves against the balloons and sometimes get turned on just watching as a person they find sexy inflates a balloon. The reasons why looners love balloons can be vast and varied. But, generally, the practices of the balloon fetishist fall into one or more of four distinct categories. Inflation is first. Then there is admiring the balloon by just looking at it, being close to it, seeing it. Third is interaction, they want to feel the balloon, smell it, perhaps rub up against. The fourth and final category is popping, either making it pop by sitting or lying on it or keeping it from popping by any means they can.

Why Do Looners Love Balloons?

That is a valid question and I did touch on it a bit in the paragraphs above. Though in truth, theories abound as to why looners are loony over balloons. One such theory is that the sexual satisfaction one gains from having balloons close to them is directly connected to the physical attributes if you will of the balloons. Looners have said that for them balloons can feel a bit like skin, and the roundness can remind one of the roundness of breasts and buttocks, as I mentioned above. They imagine their hand caressing a breast and are turned on even more than by an actual female breast.

Does this sound like you? Do you fall into the category of a looner who lives with this unusual, but fun and often exciting balloon fetish? The ladies at voxerotic.com would love to throw you a party! So bring all the balloons you have, and let’s have some fun.

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