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What is the Best Aide for Guided Masturbation Phone Sex?

Admit it, you love to masturbate and you spent most of your life thinking you knew just what you were doing. Then, like every enlightened man, you met a Mistress, or stumbled upon our site, and you learned that without us to guide you masturbation is really just you and your hand humping along. There is no journey, just a quick trip to the destination, which is fun, but you know guided masturbation is so much better.

When you call in for a masturbation guidance phone sex session, you get to hear a very sexy voice guiding you along as she gives you instructions, or you discuss a fantasy together. Maybe you already have something in mind or she does, perhaps she just wants to tell you how to stroke to make her most excited and of course to get you off too *giggle*. But other than your ideas what are the other guided masturbation aides you can use during your phone sex call?

Porn is a Great Masturbation Aide

Itís true, when you think about any really good porn you have seen, you get excited. So, imagine you and your Mistress viewing porn together. Of course you can always watch alone and stroke, but I donít have to tell you how much better it is to be on a phone sex call with your favorite masturbatrix while you are both watching porn.

You can call her on the phone and both of you go to the same website, looking at clips of porn online. This can help as you both comment on all the hot, erotic actions taking place in the video. Maybe it will spark and idea or your Mistress will tell you to play along with her and fantasize that you are in the video. A video where she is the woman and you are the man she is controlling, you watch, imagine yourself there, listen to her voice and masturbate to that as well!

Erotic Pictures or Stories Can Be Hot

Porn movies are fun and sexy, but they leave little to the imagination. You or your Mistress may prefer to look at erotic pictures. Having a collection of pictures to show your phone sex Mistress can help for your viewing pleasure as you masturbate. There may be certain photos that really get you more excited than others do. Maybe you have a few you always look at that instantly get you hard, asking your Mistress to look too can be a major turn on for both of you and will help her to know what makes you excited even more than your words.

So, whether you are looking at pictures of the lady you are talking to, or just general pictures you love to share and masturbate to, it can help you achieve that erotic orgasm you have been seeking! Reading erotic stories together can have the same effect, you both get to be turned on and find new ideas.

Sex Toys Are Fun in Guided Masturbation Sessions

Sex toys can be used to aide in your guided masturbation phone sex session, either by use alone or in conjunction with the other things weíve mentioned. Using sex toys, even just having them with you, ups the excitement for most people. The thought that your Mistress might at any moment instruct you to use one of the toys is erotic and if you are using them in conjunction with movies or photos, then itís even more so. What if the man in the movie is suddenly using a vibrator, your Mistress might tell you to grab your vibrator and start as well.

We highly recommend trying to use a Fleshlight during your guided masturbation phone sex call. For many men, this can help you to make it feel more real - as if you are really having sex with the woman you are having a phone sex call with. Imagine watching a movie with her of a man having sex with a gorgeous woman, you can hear her voice and slip the Fleshlight over your cock. There are different sizes and textures you can use in the Fleshlight and have your erotic telephone entertainer tell you when you are allowed to cum or if you are not allowed to cum.

There are many other aides that can be used with guided masturbation, we know you can think of some and we certainly can. To discuss more of these ideas, or to bring your own unique ideas for a masturbation guidance phone sex call, contact the Mistresses at strokeforme.com!

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