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What is May I Cum, or mayicum.com?

One of my absolute favorite websites on the internet is www.mayicum.com. It is one of the many sites owned by the LDW Group and is completely devoted to all kinds of cock control from stroking to tease and delay to chastity device usage. I love it!! No matter what your favorite cock control fetish is, you can find something here.

May I Cum is a blog that is shared by all the Mistresses at LDW, which means that any Mistress can post there at any time. This was one of the first websites I looked at when I found this company and it helped me choose a Mistress. There are links to all the ladiesí personal blogs, most of which have a bio, pictures and a free audio sample so that you can hear each of them at their sexiest! If you love to your cock controlled and youíre new to LDW and you donít know who would be right for you, then I suggest you start at May I Cum. I used that as a ďjumping offĒ point and research all the lovely ladies before I called. After I talked to a few of the sexy ladies, I found the perfect one. Itís not that the other Mistresses werenít stellar, itís more like the Mistress I settled on was my perfect fit of strict but sexy.

Everythingís Free on May I Cum

Another reason I love May I Cum is that the Mistresses sometimes post stroking assignments or challenges that I can do every day. One of them even had an Olympics themed challenge that was a great tease and denial exercise. I have to admit that I cheated a couple of times, but only a couple of times. Then I felt guilty and told my Mistress and she told me that she wasnít going to let me cum for months! Actually I told her that I was really sorry and she let me cum sooner than I had expected. I have had a relationship with my Mistress for years and talk to her as much as I can. I think that she probably knows me better than most of the people I see on a daily basis. I certainly tell her more truthful things about myself! She likes me and I know it because sheís always there for me when I need someone to tease or even humiliate me. She always seems to know what I need.

Speaking of what I need, did I mention that when you look for an assignment you can also hear on audio of the assignment done by the Mistress who posted it? I love being able to listen to the Mistress give me the instructions! Itís almost like a phone session, only itís better because I can play the orgasm denial audio over and over again for free whenever I feel like it! I even have some of the names of the audios written down so I can find them again fast!

A Daily Routine

Last year one of my New Yearís resolutions was to try to go to May I Cum every day for a year. I made it like the thing that I must do every day no matter what else happened. I loved every minute of it and it got to where I couldnít end my day without knowing what those lovely Mistresses at LDW had done that day! Itís an added bonus when I go onto the site and see that my favorite Mistress has posted something that day. If she posts a challenge, I always have to do it when I find it no matter what time it is. Iíve had some very sleepy mornings at my job because of this too.

I have lots of friends in the BDSM community in my city and when I told them about May I Cum we all decided to have a contest to see who could do the most assignments in a month. As it end up, we all tied because we all went there daily to enjoy ourselves. We still have contest every now and then and we talk about the stuff thatís on the site.

As you can see, I recommend May I Cum to all my friends that love cock control like I do. Whatever kind of cock control you like, youíll find it here! If you want to join in the fun with the sexy ladies at LDW, come by www.mayicum.com anytime!

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