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Do You Have a Medical Fetish?

One of the most wonderful things the internet has done is bring together those of us who have unusual or misunderstood fetishes. It has given us the opportunity to discuss and learn about what we love and why. A medical fetish is one of those things. For many people hospitals and medical situations make them nervous and uncomfortable, but for those of us with what is known as a medical fetish, that’s not the case.

So, just what is it to have a medical fetish, and what is a medical fetish anyway? A medical fetish is where one is turned on sexually by medical procedures, nurses uniforms, and any objects or places that are seen as being medical in nature, this includes dental for some and not for others. The act of having to go to a doctor, a nurse, a hospital or a dental clinic and go through examinations is an erotic fantasy for some. While there are many different and varied fantasies there are a couple that repeat often.

Being Examined By a Hot Nurse

Examination fetish, this can also include a temperature taking fetish for some, is the top of the desire ladder for many many medical fetishism. For some, the eroticism begins in the doctor's office where they must disrobe and have a nurse examine them. The get into the exam room and get excited. Sometimes the thought of a sexy woman touching them in a nurse's uniform is enough to drive them wild – whether they are having their body examined, or more specifically – their cock, or if they are being anally probed. Oftentimes, the nurse in uniform is enough to make the patient hot, no touching even needs to be involved to get them going. Instead it’s just being watched, looked at in a clinical manner.

However, anal probing, which goes hand and hand with temperature taking is necessary for others to get really excited. A hot female (or male) doctor checking on the condition of your cock and the prodding and probing with the stethoscope or tools can be enough to make your cock twitch! Just picture for me, a perfect hospital scenario where the nurse is giving sponge baths in her sexy, low-cut uniform and then she decides to give you a “full examination”, having you stand, turn and bend over while she slips on her rubber gloves and begins.

Restraints, Probes and Headgear Oh My!

For others, the medical fetish can become more extreme. While a humiliating or sensual exam is very extreme in some ways, there are other aspects that come into play for medical fetishists, as well. They may see themselves as a patient who is experiencing an intense procedure. This may be one that is real and used in conjunction with something they experienced or hear of, or it could be an imaginary scenario, a procedure they have made up on their own for erotic use. This can include any number of things, mostly being strapped down and being probed or subjected to a clinical version of a CBT (cock and ball torment) or other erotically painful session.

These extreme scenes can include straps and cuffs as in a rectal or gynecological examination. Often casts and braces are brought into play or medical gags, suppositories and even chastity devices which can look very clinical. Dental objects like retainers and head gear can play a part as well, depending on the fantasy and the fetish.

One thing all of these medical fetish fantasies have in common is the need to adhere as closely as possible to the important details. For some this is correct naming of devices, for others it is the clinical tone that those in the medical profession take when discussing the most intimate of details. Two sexy nurses for instance, slowly stroking the patient’s cock to determine if it will grow and to what size based on their actions. They would talk to one another, discussing the patient as if he were not there, all the while using their hands or mouths or anything else to excite him. Our Mistresses are amazing at all of these things, some excel in one aspect of the fetish, some in another, but all will have you excited and aching to visit our Enchantrix Clinic. So, if you are excited by a medical fetish, contact the Mistresses of voxerotic.com and our Live Help desk. We’re happy to assist you in finding who is the best match for your medical fetish fantasy.

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