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Asking Your Mistress for Erotic Toy Recommendations

If you are a novice at sexual erotic toys, or maybe you donít even own one at all - asking a phone sex Mistress what you can purchase to enhance your pleasure, or fetish, can make all the difference! Erotic toys are essential for those who love to get the most out of their fantasy, and fetishes.

Before you think about buying toys, think about what you fantasize about. Do you fantasize about strap on play? For this, your Mistress might recommend some toys to you such as: dildos, anal plugs or an assortment of toys that can aide in your fantasy of being taken with a strap on. Perhaps you fantasize about being teased and denied? There is also a vast array of toys you can choose from to have your Mistress tease you, bring you to edge of orgasm, then back you off again!There are also an a range of toys for CBT lovers, sissies, those who are into bondage, and all types of fetishes.

The best way to figure out what erotic sex toy fits you best is to ask a Mistress who can direct you on where to go, what to purchase, and how to use it. Accessories may be needed as well, such as lubrication for your toy, or any other additions to make your erotic sex toy experience more pleasurable!

Find a Mistress at enchantrix.com, or at voxerotic.com who will be able to guide you through which erotic sex toy is more suitable for you.

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