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I'm Dallas and I own you. Your cock is mine to exploit. To tease. To tantalize. To make harder than it's ever been before. I will deny you the release you desperately want until I decide you have earned the right to it.

Call me: 888-232-1467

My name is Kara, but you must refer to me as "Empress" or "Mistress." You no longer control your cock, because as of today it belongs to me!

Call me: 800-356-6169

You're finally ready for your first call with me, aren't you?

Call me: 800-356-6169

When you enter my world, it will be a new feeling of excitement, anticipation, possible fear.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Aren't you tired of being in control, day in and day out? Aren't you weary of making all the decisions and calling all the shots for everyone else?

Call me: 800-356-6169

Mistresses come in many varieties . . . from the delicate Princess who can use her gentility to cajole you into obeying her . . . to the screaming Bitch, hell bent on breaking you down to your most vulnerable. Most men only register these extremes when looking for someone to serve, and that’s perfectly alright...for them.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I totally understand you. you are sitting there, your little mind starts to wander... and where does it go? I know. NAUGHTY THOUGHTS.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I thrive on control. Control of your desires, your balls, your cock and definitely your orgasms... or lack thereof.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Okay, okay, so you're horny and wanting some release, right? Are you one of those quiet men that sit there and hold their breath, or do you get into it?

Call me: 800-356-6169

Do you think you can handle a spoiled little Princess, who has a passion to control and own your cock?

Call me: 800-356-6169

Be forewarned: I will use whatever it takes to get the reaction from you I want.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I'll just bet that you're trying to be a good boy, aren't you?

Call me: 800-356-6169

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Who cares about his heart? I say the way to gain total control over a man is to control his cock!

Call me: 800-356-6169

Did you know that chastity belts excite me? Did you know I love to see you all caged up with nowhere to go? Nowhere unless you have my permission.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I love to see a man tremble. Nothing big or dramatic, just that very slight, very intense tremor that comes with a complete loss of power, a complete loss of will.

Call me: 800-815-2962

I became an expert at guided masturbation, tinged with denial to prolong the pleasure. I love to instruct men on when and how to touch themselves, adding special techniques to intensify the experience.

Call me: 800-356-6169

You've been looking for a woman who will take charge of your cock. And make no mistake, you've found me.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Call me: 800-356-6169

Ahh…poor baby. I can see you’re frustrated and anxious. Your poor penis is throbbing, growing, pulsating with excitement.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Miss Angelica, a sweet bratty cocktease who's ready to control your cock...

Call me: 800-356-6169

Beg me to control you. Yes, that's right. Go ahead and beg. Whimper if you like. Whine like a helpless puppy. That's right.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I adore tormenting you. Your breath gets short, your face gets red and all you can think of is how you would do anything to keep stroking until you burst!

Call me: 800-356-6169

Teasing is my distinctive passion as you may or (may not) cum to find out. Whisper in my ear, share with me, and I will make all your Naughty Dreamz cum true!

Call me: 877-474-1933

I own that cock. It is mine. I own the balls, too, full and aching. I own the hand that strokes the cock, that throttles the balls, that forestalls orgasm at my command.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Call me: 800-356-6169

Lets get something straight, right now. Its not your cock, its MINE!

Call me: 800-356-6169

I enjoy the finer things in life such as good food, the best restaurants, jewelry and, of course, controlling your cock.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Am I a tease? Absolutely. You wouldn't be here if you wanted an easy lay. What you crave is for someone to be in control of YOU. And you know you came to the right place. You are already wrapped around My precious little finger.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I bet you like nothing better than an empty room, any room, where you can push your hand into your pants and quietly twiddle. Stroke, squeeze, pull ... you do it all to that cock when no one's looking, don't you?

Call me: 800-356-6169

There is a reason I'm called the Masturbation Mistress. I love masturbation. I love to listen to men masturbate. I enjoy every aspect of masturbation. In fact, I enjoy it so much, I am sometimes compelled to join in. So if you hear me getting breathless on the phone with you, you�ll know why.

Call me: 888-650-6789

From the moment you were born, you thought the world was your playground. That age old saying that this is a 'man's world'... time for a reality check, baby!

Call me: 800-356-6169

I am Mistress Lilith. I shall provoke your deepest, darkest desires, only to have them utterly denied to you by Me, until I see them as being fit and Much-deserved for and by you...

Call me: 800-730-9419

Wanna know a secret? Well, it isn't a secret. Women have known it for years. Most men don't have a clue, but you do, don't you? That's why you are here.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Hello, I am Constance, and I am going to become your new obsession.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I'm a perfect English lady with a dirty mind and I LOVE to talk about sex! If you like your kink with an English flavour, then call me - you know you want to . . . .

Call me: 800-356-6169

First off, let Me tell you: If you call me, I WILL OWN YOUR COCK....

Call me: 888-737-8345

Denial. The refusal to satisfy a desire. That whispered "no" in response to your begging for release.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I control you when I control your orgasm. A mix of pleasure and frustration is my method of control.

Call me: 800-356-6169

They say women were created in the image of men to be their partner. But we both know the truth. Women were created to control men.

Call me: 800-356-6169

You, me, and that thing between your legs will be spending a lot of time together. So let us get acquainted.

Call me: 800-356-6169

When you call me I want you to know that your prized penis belongs to me. You will do as I say.

Call me: 800-356-6169

As the old saying goes, control the cock, control the man. And how true it is. And control is better left in Our hands is it not? After all it is Us that your cock craves so desperately for. It is Us that most all of your decisions are made around. And it is Us that will teach your brain between your legs how to behave.

Call me: 800-356-6169

You're here checking out my page...drooling over my sweet little body and irresistible smile, aren't you?

Call me: 800-356-6169

You will hand over your cock without objection and I will make it all MINE. Welcome to the world of Goddess Hannah, I'm sure you'll enjoy the stay.

Call me: 888-737-8318

I love it when you beg to become my stroking slave, whimpering and moaning for some sweet release.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Nothing pleases me more than taking a man or woman over the edge like never before. I will get inside of your mind. You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Don’t even THINK about touching your cock until you talk to me.

Call me: 800-356-6169

So . . . You think you're going to touch that cock, do you? Think again! Immediately dismiss any ideas you currently have on who owns your cock, how you will stroke it, and when you 'or if'- you will make it cum.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I will make you call me from your car during rush hour, the subway or a room crowded with business associates. I won't care that people can see you, and I will purr some of the sexiest sounding statements into your ear. You cock will jump to attention...

Call me: 800-356-6169

Are you a habitual masturbator in need of a young cock teasing princess? I am a bratty Princess that enjoys using my sweet young voice to take total control of that cock that now belongs to Moi. I love a subservient stroker slut that is willing to entertain my every whim.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I would never ever want to be a man, but I absolutely adore toying with a cock. The one between your legs . . .

Call me: 800-356-6169

Are you are ready to put the control of your cock into the hands of a connoisseur of cum?

Call me: 800-356-6169

What brings you to My chamber, slave? Are you having trouble sleeping again? What could possibly be the matter? Oh. I see. I suppose that harness is a bit tight. Thinking about Mistress again are we?

Call me: 800-356-6169

Why would any man actually want a woman to deny him the right to orgasm?

Call me: 800-356-6169

Teasing and denial is my passion. I enjoy a lot of different playtime activities, but this has come to be the one activity I enjoy most. Having control over a man's cock and especially over his orgasm, is very erotic. I become so involved in my phone sessions, it's really like I am there watching my masturbate-ee, instructing him, making sure that he is following my direction exactly

Call me: 800-356-6169

Your cock? Now that's funny! It's not your cock, it belongs to me now. You signed it over in semen and now it's time to pay the price.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Hello boy. I'm Mistress Cassandra, the "Dicktator" and Masturbatrix that you will soon learn to adore and worship. I will order you to amuse Me in My sadistically playful game of turning you into a control freak through teasing and denial, and orgasm denial.

Call me: 800-730-7164

Why am I superior to you? That's easy. I know your secret. You are controlled by the compulsion to masturbate and to cum whenever you feel like it. However, my years of experience have allowed me to hone in on a better secret.

Call me: 800-356-6169

I might look innocent, but let me assure you, nothing is further from the truth. I have been a cock tease for a long time. In fact, you might say it's my calling.

Call me: 800-356-6169
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