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How to Travel with Sex Toys, and Have Fantastic Phone Sex

We all know that phone sex and any sex really is just a little more fun in a hotel. Itís the feeling of being away from home, almost like you donít really have to be you anymore. You can be any anonymous you, in a hotel room, travelling to Iowa or Paris or any destination in between. It gives us all the feeling of being just a little more free and lets face it that can really amp up the sex drive. Of course, your phone sex Mistress is always just a call away and maybe youíve been hoping for just this opportunity.

Perhaps you have been looking to get away for weeks, thinking of time alone to not have to rush through a fantasy or worry about being caught and now a business trip has opened up. The moment you heard you were going to be given that time to finally have some time by yourself to place a phone sex call from your hotel room, you started getting excited and planning. The planning lead to something you didnít expect.

I Love Toys

A problem, that normally wouldnít be an issue at all, now is at the forefront of your mind. The thing is, you love toys and you love to play with toys when you place a phone sex call. But we all know what itís like to go through those airport scanners and this trip is too far away to drive. So how do you travel with sex toys such as dildos, cock rings, or even lubrication so that once you arrive at your hotel, you can place your erotic phone sex call with no worries?

We understand that it can seem like an almost insurmountable problem. Itís one that has lead several men to just not all and sit alone and sad in that hotel room wishing they could or to give it a try without the toys and not really enjoy themselves. Then there are the stories of those who tried to take something and wellÖthings went badly. But donít worry, we are here to help and I promise you, there are several ways you can have your dildos, or your cock ring or any kind of toys at your hotel!

Everything You May Need

First of all, there is the obvious though most expensive option - you can always purchase some toys after you get to your destination. All you have to do is find a local adult book store near you, online maps really help out with this. Popping by the adult bookstore and picking up a cock ring, or a dildo or anything else you might be into before making your phone sex call, is a great option, if there is one nearby. If you donít want to bring the toys back with you, you can always discard them before you depart. As I mentioned, this is the most expensive option, so lets talk about some other alternatives!

Bring them along! You can just travel with your toys, but make sure they are discreet and never ever try to put them in your carry on, unless you love answering questions, then go for it. A vibrator or cock ring in your checked luggage is no problem at all. Just remember to never pack with batteries in. If it were to get bumped and turned on, even a checked bag can see suspicious and then you will have a lot of explaining to do!

If you want to forego both of these complications, all you have to do is get a little creative and I promise your Mistress you talk to before your trip will be happy to help with specific ideas. For now though, let me suggest bringing a shoe string to tie your cock up with, instead of a cock ring, or even a rubber band, a nice thick one, works great. Then switch out that vibrator for a little back massager, lots of travelers take them along to ease the pain of sitting in an airplane for hours. If you like anal play, you can always use your fingers and trust your Mistress Ė even a small cucumber from a local grocery store with a condom over it will do the trick. There are creative alternatives to almost any sex toy you enjoy. So, just relax and keep getting excited about that planned get away, your Mistress will be waiting with lots of sexy and fun ideas to try.

For other guidance or advice, call the ladies at voxerotic.com and themistressannex.com a fantastic phone sex session, and donít forget your toys!

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