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Myths about Sex: From Phone Sex Ladies Who Know Best!

We’ve all heard one myth or another about sex. Whether it was something to encourage us to have more sex or less most of these myths have a grain of truth and one of fallacy. In between is what you need to know about them and we are here to help you! We’ve come up with a few of the ones that we hear most often, so before you place your next phone sex call, you might want to consider reading these sex myths.

Why check out what we have to say about it? Well you already know the answer to that! Our Mistresses are not only incredibly sexy, but they are intelligent as well. You know we are the ones you can come to when you need someone who is quite educated, not only in the art of phone sex, but about sex and sexuality in general. Read on and get our take on some common myths that have been floating around for years and years. We think that’s long enough, now let us phone sex ladies educate you!

You Better Stop or You’ll Go Blind or Die

We know you’ve heard this one. Masturbation is just plain dangerous. It causes blindness or hairy palms and everyone will know for sure you’ve been wildly stroking that cock! Does that sound crazy? You’re sure that we’ve known for ages that there is no way masturbation can make you blind, but in fact it wasn’t until a study was done in 2007, that scientists stated once and for all masturbation would not cause blindness. It’s physically impossible. In attempt to stop men from masturbating in the past, society stated jerking off could cause blindness. Religious leaders concurred and soon it became a way to get men to keep their hands off their cocks. We have better ways though!

Masturbating has also been said to be deadly. Men were lead to believe that masturbation can cause heart attacks and other health issues. So is it true that ejaculation shortens a man’s life? Chinese medicine as well as the controversial book The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know claims that frequent orgasms ultimately shorten a man’s lifespan. In fact, other more recent and reliable studies have proven that the opposite is true. In fact, having regular orgasms is healthy for you and can decrease your risk for prostate cancer as well as put yourself in a better mood and keep everything flowing as it should.

Sex is All Men Think About and Women Never Think About It

While this might seem like one of the true ones, it’s not. They say that men think about sex every few seconds while women rarely consider it if it’s not brought up to them. You have heard this, surely, all of your life. Anything from every three seconds to every fifty-two seconds, but that’s not true nor is it possible. How would you get through your life thinking about sex every few seconds? You men would do nothing but think about sex and we would do nothing but try to change the subject. *giggle*

In reality, men think about sex about nineteen times a day and women about ten times. This is an average of both of course, so some are more and some less, but irregardless no one is likely to be thinking about sex every few seconds or once a minute. That is an interesting thought though. I mean, if you really honestly only thought about sex…Would your cock just stay hard? How many times could you cum before it just didn’t feel that good anymore? We all know the novelty of anything wears off if we get too much of it. So, how long would it take? Maybe we Mistresses should get together and do an experiment. We can see how many times in a row we can make you cum and how long it takes for you to beg us to stop. That would be fun!! So, if any of you men really do think of sex every few seconds, please, let the ladies of cockcontrol.com know. We’d love to use you for our experiment.

Those are some of the myths and next time you are placing a phone sex call, be sure to know that you will not go blind or die a premature death - even if you do think about sex all the time. Just relax and enjoy your phone sex call!

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