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I think most men crave a woman's control. It's inherently natural to crave this as a man since you were probably primarily raised by a woman, and, let's face it - women due rule the world whether men are in denial about it or not.

In history, women ruled many cultures and slowly, but surely, women are taking that control back. We are doing it mainly through YOUR sexuality. Controlling your cock, feminizing you, cuckolding you and making the major decisions in your life.

Just as you crave the control of a Mistress, I crave to control men. I also control in a variety of ways so what you bring to the table more than likely will fit into what I am capable of. The reason I do crave to control men is more of an intellectual pursuit and a need to guide you to obey women.

The question is: what kind of Mistress do you want? Some want more of a strict Mistress, or sensual or a little bit of both.

I can be a little bit of both.

Feminization, controlling your cock, humiliation, cuckoldry are all subject matters I delve into, and I give instructions and do role-play in all these.

I would love to hear all about your fantasies on how you like to serve a Mistress and your fetishes involved with it. It's important to communicate those to me as well!

I would like for you to email me your thoughts and fantasies if they are quite detailed and if want to ask me questions, I welcome it.


$ per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+