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What is a Mistress exactly? She's the many faces of the feminine and much more. A major role for a Mistress is a leader. She directs and controls you to her will and more importantly she brings out the best in you. I'll revel in leading you where ever I wish you to go but also where you have dreamt of going. I am strong yet feminine...firm yet fair with a dash of mischievousness that will make you wonder what exactly I'm going to do to you next. You'll ache to surrender to My delightfully deviant mind. I know deep down inside you long to hand control over to a dominant woman who can wield that power with sensuality and intensity. I'm well versed in many kinds of kinks. There is an alchemy that happens when chemistry, kink and control mix that is pure magic. As a submissive man feeling this type of surrender is as essential to you as breathing. It's an unequivocal part of who you are. Aren?t you lucky you have someone like Me to share that with? Many spend most of their lives hiding their true selves when it's their deepest desire to stand before another naked stripped bare, vulnerable and submissive. Wouldn't you like to feel that sigh of relief handing control over to a Mistress who knows how to push your boundaries? Of course you would...why else would you be here reading this then. I'm looking forward to having you kneeling at My feet. Let?s see if you are worthy.


$ per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+