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Do you ever get bored stroking your cock?

That might seem like a crazy question; how could something so pleasurable possibly get boring?

Think of it this way: I love a high-quality, grass-fed, well-prepared steak (done a touch under "medium", incidentally). If I had a perfectly cooked steak for every single meal, however, I'm sure that at first it would be heaven, then quickly I'd only enjoy it, but will have become accustomed to it.

Sooner or later, I would still be able to acknowledge that it made a beautiful meal, but admit that eating it was verging on drudgery. If steak was all I was allowed to eat, I would still find a way to stuff it down, simply in response to the need of My body for sustinence. But it would no longer be something I looked forward to, something I could truly appreciate.

To My mind, male masturbation and orgasm can be the same. I've met enough stroke boys to back up that claim.

Once men discover, usually early on, that there is this thing between their legs that feels really good when they rub it, they can become obsessed with it. Rubbing it can become central to their sexuality. Add in the flood of testosterone that in partnership with a hard cock shaves at least 10 IQ points off of a horny man, and the reality of the age of ubiquitous porn, and it's My contention that the cocks, masturbation habits, and even the minds of many men are hampered, weakened from their full potential.

Like a beautifully-prepared steak, the male orgasm is best enjoyed sparingly, as a treat rather than as a rote routine with as much significance as going to the bathroom.

I propose a fast, over which I will preside. Cleanse your masturbatory palate by forgoing mindless indulgence for a while. Then, when your orgasmic senses are reinvigorated, begin a new diet of directed moderation which may include delaying your orgasm, or the many ways in which it can be denied altogether for a time.

Rediscover the joy, and the privilege, of having something between your legs that can make you feel so good, and make others feel good as well. Discover, perhaps for the first time in a long time, what it means to be truly hungry, to look forward with true longing to your next meal of self-pleasure.

Let's introduce O/urselves, and in turn, I'll introduce you to a whole new way of experiencing masturbation.

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$ per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+