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No matter where you meet someone, online, in-person, at a bar, no matter where, you always have to have a connection with that person. A connection to where both people can communicate and transmit ideas, needs, dreams and of course, sexuality to name a few. Having someone that is both fully in-control of her sexuality, yet has the experience necessary to properly paint fantasies and desires as beautifully as they are felt is obviously, very necessary.

To have a good hold on this idea, this exploration of one's sexuality is only achieved through a sensuous, yet firm control almost entirely reserved for the feminine wiles of Tabetha. You have now found your only mistress you will ever need or want, good sir:)

Control without an ability to let go is useless when really wanting to satiate and fulfill your desires, cravings and untold fantasies. Gripping too firmly disables you from ever leaving the ground and venturing to the farthest borders of space, time and sex.

Just as you need oxygen, you need to find that mistress that is a study of cock control, denial and occasionally the ball-busting load shooting that you so desperately seek.

Hold on to your hat and to your cock as Tabetha gives you the ride of your life, penetrating untapped potential of satisfaction and seduction. Call me and find your desires, known and unknown, to be pulled to the front and properly fondled with the capable directions of yours truly :)



$ per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+