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I often get asked what kind of Femdom I am. This is a rather tricky question because so much about my style varies depending on the unique chemistry I have with my different pets. Some pets require the more strict facet of my personality while others need a more gentle approach. So, the question then becomes what kind of pet are you?

Whatever type you are, I find it's easy as a flexible Femdom to adapt to your individual needs. That flexibility allows me to enjoy so many different fetishes and combinations of kinks. Teasing, spanking, CEI, edging sessions, orgasm denial and delay, chastity, role-playing, SPH, JOI, GFE, cucking, sissificiation, feminization, body worship, queening, and so much more. Variety is enthralling and I thrive on the diversity of the kink world.

The most important contribution you make as a subbie pet is to be communicative as to what works for you. I love finding out what makes you tick and how to push all those buttons to get you all hot and bothered; all the better to rule you when I know what gets you in that submissive subspace. Of course, it's OK if you are too shy to say because I have a knack for finding out one way or another. It's more just a matter of doing it the easy way or the prolonged way but both are fun and will leave you breathless.

Now, some pets may not even know for sure what they truly crave, but that makes the exploration aspect all the more vital and exciting.


$ per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+